Monday, July 8, 2013

Should The Wyatt Family Close Raw Tonight?

In my opinion, YES!!  If you look at the amount of buzz the Wyatt Family has created before their debut,  it's almost a given.

Raw's rating have been slowly declining the past couple of weeks.  And there last hour shows usually the worst.

They need something to keep people watching up until the very end.  Kids are now out of school, people are on vacation, so make them stay up!

WWE has to know that everybody is going to only be watching for the Wyatt's tonight.  Not for Vickie Guerrero's evaluation or to see the McMahon's.  We've seen it before.  Let's keep those for the 9 and 10 o' clock spots.

Here is how it should go.  We have our main event for the night, whatever it may be, champion vs. champion, meathead vs. meathead, whatever!   After the match ends, the lights go out.  A single spot light shines on the entrance ramp of the empty rocking chair.  The lights dim and you hear Bray Wyatt's voice either giving one of his speeches or just laughing.  The spotlight comes back and with Erick Rowan standing with his sheep mask on.  The lights dim again.  We hear more laughing or talking, and this time, the lights come up with Bray sitting in the rocking chair with Erick Rowan and Luke Harper standing behind him.

Bray then gives a killer promo to freak the crowd even more, and as he is talking the lights dim and he still keeps talking.  The spotlight slowly comes back up with the empty chair but no Wyatt Family and just a snicker and empty rocking chair to end the show.

This story would get people talking, freak kids out at home and in the crowd attending.  And leave us just wanting more!!!

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